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The Seneca Valley Hockey Association will
“Respect The Game”

As an association, we expect that all players, parents & coaches are committed  to promoting and honoring the values of fun, respect and positive development by eliminating unacceptable behavior. We will “Respect The Game”

As a player, you are representing your school, playing for your school and wearing the colors of your school.  You will "Respect the Game" and what past Seneca Valley Hockey players have done to build the game at Seneca Valley, not to undo that reputation and pride in playing for your school.

We as parents will
 “Respect The Game” and Honor the Game. We are responsible for setting a good example of sportsmanship to our players.  We will show Respect for The Game and for all involved in the game including coaches, all players, opposing fans, and referees. 

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Seneca Valley Hockey Association. Without the volunteer board members and  other families contributing time to fill the many hours, SVHA could simply not exist.  We greatly appreciate the work that everyone does to help make our children’s hockey experience a positive and enjoyable one and to make the SVHA program successful.  

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